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About Us

Also known as Bromley Ladies Barbershop Singers, Velvet Harmony is a ladies four-part harmony Barbershop Chorus.  The sections are named as in male Barbershop groups:

  • Tenors – similar to soprano in terms of range, with harmony above Lead
  • Lead – sings the melody and the largest section of the Chorus
  • Baritone – similar to mezzo soprano in range, often with the quirkiest harmony dipping above and below Lead
  • Bass – lower than typical alto range, most well-known for the “bah dhm” notes below the others

We welcome new members so come along on Tuesday evenings to listen or join in.  We take our music seriously but have lots of fun as well!

“I joined Velvet Harmony only a year ago.  The last time I did any singing, I was at school but as a newcomer to the group I was made to feel very welcome –  everyone is so friendly and supportive. I really look forward to our weekly rehearsals” Sandy

“I joined Velvet Harmony in Bromley as I was looking for a local singing group.  I was very impressed by the standard of singing and was soon helped by another member in my section.  After a year and a half I am proud to have been part of many concerts and events in the local community.” Emma

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Velvet Harmony is a group of friendly and relaxed ladies whose greatest joy is singing four-part harmony.

Why not join us on at one of our Tuesday evening rehearsals to hear what Ladies Barbershop is like? You can just sit and listen as we rehearse, but few can resist the call of the incredible sound and invariably end up joining in the rehearsal.

If you can’t wait to see and hear us, click here.


If you’d like to let us know to expect you, or if you have any questions, contact us.  If you experience problems with the web form, you can also get in touch with Natalie:

Mobile: 07899 911900

Join us



We love to sing at events in the Bromley area.  This includes collaborations with other artists and dedicated Velvet Harmony performances.  

In the past 12 months Velvet Harmony has also supported many local and national charities through singing.

If you are interested in booking us for your event or community fundraiser then get in touch.

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We practise every week at St Mark’s Church.


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